Nate was born in the darkness of New England and was introduced to Scuba by his parents. Little did they know that this would change his life forever. After high school Nate started an internship in Key Largo learning the in's and out's of the Scuba industry at one of the busiest dive centers in the world. He worked hard filling tanks, scrubbing boats, raking rocks, cleaning gear, and taking courses until his little heart was full and knew this was the life he wanted. After 7 months Nate finally became an instructor, found the love of his life and found his true calling. Nate has now progressed through the ranks of being a PADI pro and earned his IDC Staff Instructor rating and has become an integral part of the Florida Keys Dive Center IDC Team and is one of the leads of our conservation team.

Nate's hobbies include gaming, diving, picking up trash, being bullied for having long hair, playing with bugs, and raising baby iguanas.