What’s Required?

So you're ready to being your Professional Diving Career and want to know what you'll need to bring with you. Here's our list of required and recommended gear and materials.


  1. RSTC Medical Signed by a Physician. This form must be complete for your first day of class.
  2. Laptop with USB Port or adaptor for using USB Drives
  3. Full Set of Scuba Equipment Including:
    1. Fins, Mask, Snorkel
    2. BCD with tank mount and LPI
    3. Primary Regulator and Alternate Air Source (During COVID use of Air2 or LPI Regulators is forbidden)
    4. Breathing Gas Monitoring Device
    5. Depth Monitoring Device
    6. Quick Release Weight System
    7. Adequate Exposure Protection
    8. Dive Computer
    9. eRDPml and RDP
    10. Time Monitoring Device
    11. Compass
    12. Knife / Cutting Tool
    13. TWO surface signaling devices (One Visual and One Audible)
    14. Instructions for use of RDP and eRDPml
  4. e-Learning COMPLETE
  5. Pocket Mask (Available in the store if needing to purchase)
  6. Save a Dive Kit
  7. Copies of ALL non-PADI Certification Cards


  1. Vehicle (There are two boat locations 6 miles apart, Grocery Store is not within walking distance)
  2. Towel
  3. Drybag
  4. Sweatshirt
  5. Weight Belt if your BCD does not have integrated weight pockets